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main1It's true - everyone loves to see a beautiful, natural looking smile.

A beautiful smile conveys confidence, health and well being. At the office of Dr. Luis Martinez, artistry meets science to provide you with a unique blend of caring, comfort and the most advanced dental procedures available today.

Dr. Martinez provides the highest quality treatments and technologies at his St. Petersburg practice such as single visit porcelain restorations, cosmetic teeth whitening, mercury-free restorations,routine dental cleanings and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea with oral devices to name a few, to help you achieve optimum dental health, quickly, safely and with as little discomfort as possible.

Our office offers a full range of dental services from dental hygiene to restorative to complete smile makeovers. While not every patient's goal is a cosmetic makeover, we do guarantee that even the smallest dental correction will be done with the highest of quality. We invite you to explore the possibilities of what aesthetic and restorative dentistry can do for you.


Imagine that in less than a month, in just a few office visits, you can have a smile created in style and proportion to fit your face…a smile that will feel and look totally natural and more resistance to staining than your natural teeth…the smile you deserve!


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Get comfy at the dentist's office. Seriously! Dr. Luis Martinez DMD and his crew in St. Petersburg, Florida, offer a relaxed environment along with single visit crowns, porcelain veneers, gum treatments, teeth whitening, even treatment for sleep apnea. Taking only one patient at a time and using advanced technology, Dr. Martinez provides thorough dental services in a setting so relaxing you'll think you're at a spa!